Open Worlds #6

Dear Community,

We’re excited to announce that our sixth episode with Richard Pocklington (Lead Game Designer at Dapper Labs) is now live!

In this episode, we learn about his journey designing multi-million dollar mobile games for companies such as Glu and Hasbro over the last decade and how he invents compelling and imaginative content for games. We also dive into CryptoKitties moving to Flow Blockchain and get a sneak preview of what the metaverse on Flow could look like! 

#6 - Richard Pocklington designing the future of games with NFTs | Open Worlds

You can listen to the full episode on any of the following streaming platforms: 

We hope you enjoy the episode, see you next week! 

Best wishes,
Adrian Pang 🚀 & Piara Bhamra 🍜

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