Open Worlds #4

Dear Community, 

We’re excited to announce that our fourth episode with Jesse Johnson (Co-Founder at Aavegotchi) is now live! 

In this episode, you will learn all about his journey building the retro Tamagotchi-inspired crypto collectibles game that aims to make “DeFi fun.” We also breakdown the anatomy of an Aavegotchi and everything you need to know about their much-anticipated launch! 

#4 - Jesse Johnson summoning digital pets for the crypto generation | Open Worlds

You can listen to the full episode on any of the following streaming platforms: 

For this week's exclusive Open Worlds NFT, we are minting our special edition for Episode #04. For your chance to claim please take part in our challenge here (listen for the code on Episode #04).

We hope you enjoy the episode, see you next week! 

Best wishes,
Adrian Pang 🚀 & Piara Bhamra 🍜

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